Certified hygiene standard for food lubricants: DIN EN ISO 21469

setral® is DIN EN ISO 21469 certified. This standard specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants that can come unpredictably into contact with e.g. food during the production.

With the production of food, beverages, tobacco products, animal feed and pharmaceutical articles as well as their packaging, accidental contact between the product and the lubricant cannot always be completely ruled out. Wherever cross-contamination is theoretically possible, it is imperative to use a lubricant approved for this situation.

This certification issued by NSF or QMS International relates to the "Safety of machines Lubricants with incidental product contact - Hygiene requirements" and is the internationally recognized standard for the production of H1 lubricants. The standard DIN EN ISO 21469: 2006 describes the significant hazards and requires a basic strategy of the manufacturer of specialty lubricants for the selection of hygiene-related measures. A risk assessment serves as the basis for determining the required measures. Annual on-site audits ensure independent verification of the hygiene strategies and the implementation of the required measures in the Production of H1 lubricants.

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