MI-setral-AL/C0-500 G

High-pressure fluid grease

Fluid grease with solid lubricants for highly loaded open gears


Typical applications: rotary kilns, tube/ball mills, dragline/bucket wheel excavators, crushers, stamping presses, cement plants or other heavy-duty machinery in the steel, construction or cement industry or in chemical plants.

Especially designed for the long-term lubrication of extremely loaded gear flanks in open gears even at harsh conditions like moisture, dust, vibration or shock loads.


Good adherence

High wear protection, good load carrying ability

Reliable corrosion protection for steel and nonferrous metals

Supports running-in of the gear wheels and smooth running

Free from bitumen and solvents

Contains fine-grained, high-grade graphite

Pumpable and sprayable with suited systems

Extremely load and shock resistant

Temperature range

- 30┬░C - + 120┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 180kg drum
  • other packaging on request