Special fluid

Low-viscous special fluid for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces


For dewatering, cleaning and protection of wet metal elements as well as for removal of fretting corrosion on metal surfaces.

As corrosion protection fluid for cooling bores for storage of injecion moulding and die-casting tools as well as for cutting tools, cutter heads, drills etc.

Excellent lubrication and make moving again mechanical elements like chains, ropes, joints, spindles, guideways etc.


Absorbs water residues

Excellent compatibility with common materials

Outstanding creeping and penetrating properties

Produces a not developing protective film

Best possible combination of cleaning and thin film lubrication


Economical in consumption

Temperature range

- 40┬░C - + 80┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 400ml aerosol
  • 20l can
  • 200l drum
  • other packaging on request