CLEAN-setral-FD (Spray)

General purpose cleaner and degreaser

H1 high performance cleaner and degreaser


For residue-free cleaning and degreasing of bearings, machine parts and injection moulds/tools.

Eliminates slight paint and condensate residues from the pairing line injection moulds.

Typical applications: injection molding, food and pharmaceutical industry, engineering and plant equipment, automotive industy etc.

Note: This high-performance cleaner can be used for applications where technically inevitable contact with food or food packiging may occur.


H1 registered

Kosher certified

Halal certified

Evaporates fast and without residues

Compatible with common plastic materials

Cleans quickly and efficiently

Guarantees absolutely clean surfaces

agreeable odour

Economical in consumption

Temperature range

- 5┬░C - + 50┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 400ml aerosol