PFPE lubricants

31. August 2017

High-performance lubricants based on PFPE (perfluorinated polyether) create outstanding characteristics for your demanding application.


Especially regarding the high-temperature range PFPE greases and also oils are often unbeaten. Its outstanding thermal stability as well as its suitability for high loads result in extended relubrication intervals for a lot of applications. Many times PFPE lubricants are the only economical choice. They are able to decrease downtimes and thus to increase your productivity. Its higher price, compared to conventional lubricants, is more than compensated in most cases by considering the total system.


The  extremely stable chemical structure of perfluorinated polyethers is the base for the unique combination of characteristics of PFPE lubricants. Besides the high thermal stability up to above +300°C, and also high load carrying ability and high shear stability at higher speeds, PFPE lubricants show an extraordinary resistance against external attacks like chemicals, acids, lyes, water, dust etc. PFPE greases and oils are compatible with most sealing materials.


For a few decades these kind of lubricants are available. On top the characteristics of PFPE lubricants can be further improved by selective additives. The choice of the thickener also has an impact on the characteristics of PFPE lubricants. Thus we can formulate the right PFPE grease or oil even for sensitive applications.


Setral is offering a continuously increasing portfolio of PFPE lubricants for almost 30 years. There are PFPE greases for low temperatures up to -75°C, with high or low viscosities, different NLGI grades and of course with H1 registrations for the food industry. Many of them are recommended by machine manufacturers or OEM.


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