The new setral label design according to CLP

28. Juli 2015

Setral seized the opportunity of the since 1st of June 2015 valid CLP regulation to revise the design of the Setral product labels.




Since the 1st of June 2015 the regulation (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 for the labeling and packaging and classification of substances and mixtures is effective. This so called CLP regulation is based on the ÔÇ×Globally Harmonized System" (GHS) passed by the United Nations. Its aim is to ensure a uniformly high standard of health and environmental protection. This standardized system was adopted by numerous countries worldwide. It enables a uniform information according to a safe use, handling and storage of chemicals and therefore simplifies global trade. Setral seized this opportunity to revise the design of our packaging and to create the product labels more application orientated and user friendly. Yet, a high recognition value is given by the known color coding and pictograms of Setral. Our new aerosol labels now consist of a self-adhesive 720┬░ wrap-around foil which provides additional protection against contamination and wear. Depending on the packaging size these wrap-around labels are partially used for bulk ware as well.



Figure: three sided wrap-around label with two inner pages


The employees now can inform themselves about the corresponding safety instructions in 23 different languages.