New polyglycole gear oil series with Flender® approval

17. Juli 2017

The SYN-setral-GEAR/PGB ... FD series is the new emulsifiying gear oil with comliance to the H1 standard.


The official approvals by Flender attest the suitability of the new gear oil seris for the use in helical, bevel and planetary gears units as well as in worm gears units. Flender is part of the Siemens' concern and has been one of the worldwide leading and renowed manufacturers for gear units for decades. The SYN-setral-GEAR/PBG .. FD series is available in the common ISO VG grades. They offer an excellent wear protection and show a high compatibility with diverse elastomeres like e.g. NBR and FMQ. Of course our gear oils fullfill the specification according to DIN 51517-3.