glass industry


H1 high-temperature paste for the food and pharmaceutical industry
Temperature range: - 30┬░C - + 1200┬░C

SYN-setral-HT 2 N

Fully synthetic high temperature grease for the long term lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings.
Temperature range: - 20┬░C - + 180┬░C

SYN-setral-INT/250 A-2

Fully synthetic special grease for long-term lubrication, stable at high temperature and aggressive ambience.
Temperature range: - 40┬░C - + 250┬░C


Fully synthetic and metal-free high-temperature paste.
Temperature range: - 30┬░C - + 1000┬░C


Fully synthetic, metal free and liquefied high-temperature paste (suspension).
Temperature range: - 30┬░C - + 1000┬░C
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