SYN-setral-GEAR/PGB 460 FD

gear oil

Fully synthetic H1 high performance gear oil based on polyalkylene glycol for the food and pharmaceutical industry


Suited for the lubrication of chains, tooth clutches, slide and roller bearings.

For the lubrication of helical, bevel helical, planetary and worm gears especially at high temperatures and under the influence of water in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


H1 registered

Kosher & halal certified

High load carrying capability

Low tendency for deposit formation

Excellent oxidation and ageing stability

Good corrosion protection

High thermal stability

High viscosity index.

Water soluble

Excellent wear protection at low friction rates

Very good low-temperature properties

Wide temperature range


Compatible with many elastomers (especially NBR, FVMQ and FMQ)

Meets DIN 51 517-3

FLENDER approval for worm, helical, bevel and planetary gear units ((A + B, revision January 2019)

Temperature range

- 30┬░C - + 140┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 20kg can
  • 210kg drum
  • other packaging on request