FLUID-setral-SBO 320 B

High temperature chain oil

High-temperature chain oil of the latest generation, especially developed for chains in BOPP film stretching equipment


Especially developed for the lubrication of chain systems in BOPP film stretching equipment, also at high speed.

Optimally suited for the production of films for the food industry.


H2 registered

Extremely low evaporation loss

Outstanding creeping and penetrating properties

Excellent wear protection at low friction rates

No tearing of the film if contaminated with common film materials

Constant film thickness by constant lubrication film

Very good anti-corrosion properties

Adhesive additives prevent dripping and spinning-off

Chemical stable and ageing resistant, even in aggressive air

Optimizes the energy consumption

Well conveyable in central lubrication systems

Temperature range

- 20┬░C - + 260┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 200l drum
  • other packaging on request