COVA-setral-SMG 46

compressor oils, vacuum pump oils

Fully synthetic screw compressor oil of the latest generation especially for very long relubrication intervals


Especially developed for the lubrication of screw compressors mainly for applications that need lubricants with extremely high performance.


Compatible with common sealings and coatings

Extends the use of oil filters and separator systems

Very low evaporation rate

Modern additives for ideal wear protection

Extends significantly re-lubrication intervalls (up to 10.000h)

High oxidation stability

Minimum oil vapor contamination of the compressed air

Miscible with mineral oils

High flash point and self-ignition point

Economical in consumption

Temperature range

- 35┬░C - + 120┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 20l can
  • 200l drum
  • other packaging on request