COVA-setral-PGB/G 100

compressor oils

Fully synthetic compressor oil for gas compression plants


High performance oil for capsuled gas compressors in which crankcase and bearing are surrounded by gas.

Suitable for liquefied petrol gases like propane and butane, liquefied natural gases like methane and ethane, hydrocarbon gases like ethylene, propylene and butylenes, chemical gases like ammonia, vinyl chloride and butadiene.


Extends oil change intervals compared to mineral oil based products

Lower gas solubility than mineral oils

Excellent foaming behaviour

Suitable for various gases

Does not promote the dimerisation of butadien or the deposition of solid residues

Very good wear protection

Temperature range

- 35┬░C - + 175┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 205kg drum
  • 20kg can
  • other packaging on request