Technical aerosols for workshop and maintenance

FLUID-setral-SHT 260 MT (Spray)

Full synthetic high-temperature oil for chains and ropes
Temperature range: - 30째C - + 250째C

FLUID-setral-SHT 4500 MT (Spray)

Fully synthetic adhesive lubricating oil with EP-properties for high-temperatures.
Temperature range: - 5째C - + 200째C

FLUID-setral-STG 220 FD (Spray)

Fully synthetic H1 high-temperature chain oil of the latest generation
Temperature range: - 20째C - + 260째C

GLIS-setral-SQ (Spray)

Fast acting synthetic penetrating oil.
Temperature range: - 20째C - + 80째C

MI-setral-7 NR (Spray)

MoS굚 assembly paste with a low coefficient of friction.
Temperature range: - 25째C - + 450째C

MI-setral-9 M (Spray)

Aluminium based general purpose lubricating and assembly paste for normal and high temperatures.
Temperature range: - 30째C - + 1180째C

PRO-setral-11 X (Spray)

Wax-like anticorrosive agent for long-term corrosion protection and for transports overseas
Temperature range: - 40째C - + 70째C

PRO-setral-ACS (Spray)

Wax-like corrosion protection for metal surfaces
Temperature range: - 30째C - + 80째C
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