Technical aerosols for workshop and maintenance

PRO-setral-FD (Spray)

Grease-like H1 anticorrosive agent for temporary protection
Temperature range: - 30째C - + 70째C

PRO-setral-KS (Spray)

Low-viscous special fluid for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces
Temperature range: - 40째C - + 80째C

PRO-setral-PL 941 (Spray)

Grease-like anti-corrosion for temporary protection

setral MULTI SILI (Spray)

Fast-drying H1-lubricant fluid on silicone base
Temperature range: - 40째C - + 150째C

setral PLASTOLUB GK (Spray)

Semi-synthetic lubricating oil for chains and ropes
Temperature range: - 20째C - + 80째C

setral TS (Spray)

Silicone-free mould release agent for injection moulding
Temperature range: - 10째C - + 80째C

SI-setral-5 X (Spray)

Synthetic, transparent H1-lubricating and separating agent,based on silicone oil.
Temperature range: - 40째C - + 200째C

SYN-setral-54 NF (Spray)

Synthetic MoS굚-grease.
Temperature range: - 20째C - + 180째C
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