Hybrid greases of the SYN-setral-SINT series - New Grease Generation

Due to the ever-increasing development of new types of production processes, materials and service lives, industry is constantly placing new demands on lubricants. It is not uncommon for these applications to present the lubricant with extreme conditions in terms of temperature, environment (dusty, aggressive chemicals, etc.) and physical stress. 

Accordingly, setral® offers a new innovative PFPE lubricant generation (SYN-setral-SINT series) that meets these demands and is available in different variants. In contrast to conventional PFPE products, the new grease generation is a more cost-effective hybrid solution, especially for the temperature range between +150°C to +200°C. However, conventional PFPE products are unbeaten in the high-temperature range above 200°C. 


Initial situation

PFPE properties

Advantage of PFPE greases Disadvantage of PFPE greases
excellent VT behaviour high price
excellent low temperature behaviour absolutely no miscibility with other oil types
superb thermal stability, i.e. lowest evaporation losses no solubility of conventional additives
extreme oxidation stability  
high resistance to chemicals, acids, alkalis, etc.  
Compatibility with paint and sealing materials  
no flash point  
high resistance to radiation  
high vacuum resistance  


Evaporation test at °C


Advantages of SINTs

Compared to conventional PFPE greases Compared to lubricants with other base oils
Miscible with many non-PFPE based lubricants/corrosion -protection -films designed for continuous use in the high temperature range (+150°C to +220°C)
better corrosion protection longer re-lubrication intervals
better price-performance ratio higher dropping point
Availability of non-fluorinated additives better resistance to chemicals


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