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Jan. 18, 2021

SQ Rust Remover

Excellent, synthetic instant rust remover

Through excellent penetrating properties GLIS-setral-SQ is suitable in applications where common rust dissolvers fail. This includes the dismantling of extremely corroded and seized parts like screws, bolts, fits and bearings. Through this GLIS-setral-SQ allows for quick, trouble-free dismantling without the destruction of parts. With its excellent penetration properties GLIS-setral-SQ reaches the tightest spaces, while economical in consumption and free from silicon. The spray is specifically developed as a penetrating oil and rust dissolver in contrast to many less potent multi-function products in the market. As a secondary use GLIS-setral-SQ is also suitable as anti-corrosion agent in electronic devices.


GLIS-setral-SQ is available as spray, in a canister or by the barrel. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@setral.net for more information or an online call with our specialists. 


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