setral® PFPE Lubrications for Extreme Requirements

PFPE (perfluoropolyethers) are very stable and inert chemical substances which, in the right chemical composition, produce an extremely inert material with excellent lubricating properties. Unlike conventional mineral-, synthetic- or silicone-based greases, PFPE lubricants do not fail at low or very high temperatures. Furthermore, they withstand aggressive media such as highly concentrated alkalis, acids, gases and cleaning agents and also have a long-term effect. This makes them the right lubricant for lifetime lubrication, which is particularly important for sensitive materials such as plastics, elastomers and wear-prone sliding couples. They ensure functionality, safety and quality in individual components, assemblies or manufacturing processes, while accounting for less than 0.015% of the total lubricant market. They also open up new possibilities in design and application for enormous cost-saving potential.


Typical applications for PFPE lubricants include metal and/or plastic sliding couples, plain/roller bearings, guide rails, valves, seals, fittings, and electrical contacts, among others, in the following industries:



setral® PFPE lubricants have high resistances:




setral® PFPE lubricants guarantee excellent compatibilities:


setral® PFPE lubricants show optimum physical properties:


setral® PFPE lubricants ensure safety in application:


setral® offers over 70 PFPE based greases and oils and is always developing new lubricants

setral® PFPE lubricants Application areas:


setral®PFPE lubricants display its entire benefits if a good adherence on the lubrication surface is allowed. Therefore a clean and residue-free surface is essential, which is achieved by thorough cleaning. For this cleaning, the use of CLEAN-setral-AN/U or CLEAN-setral-FD with mechanical support, followed by post-cleaning with CLEAN-setral-INT/648 is recommended.

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Further information is available on the material data sheets. Our experts will consult you on request and find the right solution for your application.

With more than 800 lubricants besides PFPE lubricants we offer a solution for almost every lubrication application.

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