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Aerosols themselves can be considered a kind of packaging. They enable easy handling and application of lubricants, cleaners and anticorrosion agents. Setral offers aerosol products over the entire product range of bonded coatings, metal working fluids, oils, pastes, greases and cleaners.


Cleaners Item Code Item Description
CLEAN-setral-AN/U (Spray) 050534 High-performance cleaner and degreaser, highly effective and fast evaporating
CLEAN-setral-EDK (Spray) 050595 Cavity cleaner and cold paint stripper
CLEAN-setral-FD (Spray) 050554 H1 high performance cleaner and degreaser
CLEAN-setral-SR (Spray) 050531 General purpose foam cleaner for glass, plastics, machine parts, carpets, upholstery.
CLEAN-setral-SU (Spray) 050555 General purpose cleaner and degreaser for metal surfaces
bonded coatings Item Code Item Description
DIO-setral-57 N (Spray) 050509 Air-drying MoS₂ based dry lubricant
setral-AS/N (Spray) 050550 High performance ceramic coating for welding processes
corrosion protection Item Code Item Description
PRO-setral-11 X (Spray) 050518 Wax-like anticorrosive agent for long-term corrosion protection and for transports overseas
PRO-setral-ACS (Spray) 050548 Wax-like corrosion protection for metal surfaces
PRO-setral-FD (Spray) 050560 Grease-like H1 anticorrosive agent for temporary protection
PRO-setral-KS (Spray) 050519 Low-viscous special fluid for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces
PRO-setral-PL 941 (Spray) 050575 Grease-like anti-corrosion for temporary protection
oils Item Code Item Description
CUT-setral-SSZ 221 (Spray) 050525 Fully synthetic metal working fluid for demanding operations and for universal machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals
FLUID-setral-FKR (Spray) 050536 H1 multi-purpose oil for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry.
FLUID-setral-INT (Spray) 050541 H1-High-temperature separating agent and lubricant with longterm effect
FLUID-setral-SHT 260 MT (Spray) 050543 Full synthetic high-temperature oil for chains and ropes
FLUID-setral-SHT 4500 MT (Spray) 050542 Fully synthetic adhesive lubricating oil with EP-properties for high-temperatures.
FLUID-setral-STG 220 FD (Spray) 050544 Fully synthetic H1 high-temperature chain oil of the latest generation
GLIS-setral-FD (Spray) 050552 H1-Lubricating and fine oil for the food and pharmaceuticalindustry
GLIS-setral-SQ (Spray) 050521 Fast acting synthetic penetrating oil.
SI-setral-5 X (Spray) 050514 Synthetic, transparent H1-lubricating and separating agent,based on silicone oil.
setral MULTI SILI (Spray) 050512 Fast-drying H1-lubricant fluid on silicone base
setral PLASTOLUB GK (Spray) 050511 Semi-synthetic lubricating oil for chains and ropes
setral TS (Spray) 050537 Silicone-free mould release agent for injection moulding
pastes and greases Item Code Item Description
MI-setral-7 NR (Spray) 050504 MoS₂ assembly paste with a low coefficient of friction.
MI-setral-9 M (Spray) 050502 Aluminium based general purpose lubricating and assembly paste for normal and high temperatures.
SYN-setral-54 NF (Spray) 050506 Synthetic MoS₂-grease.
SYN-setral-CA/C2-400 FD (Spray) 050590 H1 high-temperature grease with very high wear and corrosion protection

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