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Sprays can be seen as a kind of packaging. They allow easy handling and application of lubricants, cleaners and corrosion protection agents. setral® offers aerosol products across the entire product spectrum of bonded coatings, metalworking fluids, oils, pastes, greases and cleaners. setral® aerosols are grouped into three main application of application by colour coding.


Those application areas are: Clean, Protect und Lubricate


Typical Application We offer Target Markets
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Separating
  • corrosion prevention of different surfaces in several industries
  • 28 different aerosols
  • 9 aerosols incl. NSF H1 registration
  • cleaners, corrosion preventatives, bonded coatings, pastes, greases, oils
  • based on mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil or synthetic oil
  • partly with solid lubricants
  • plastic injection molding, food
  • automotive
  • chemical
  • engineering and plant construction
  • maintenance of each site

Our “color philosophy” - at first glance


  • Removal of corrosion preventatives, greases, oils
  • Before finishing processes, f. e. painting
  • Removal of plastic deposits
  • Gives a ideal adhesion for lubricants
  • Cleaning of residues


  • Warehouse
  • Transportation
  • Humidity
  • Dust and dirt
  • Salt water
  • Time of storage
  • Storage environment (salt, aggressive gases, etc.)
  • Humidity
  • Material of the surface
  • Basic cleaning


  • wear protection
  • protection from water and dust
  • as a release agent
  • dismantling of rusted components
  • under high temperature conditions
  • seals assembly


Cleaners Item Code Item Description
CLEAN-setral-AN/U (Spray) 050534 High-performance cleaner and degreaser, highly effective and fast evaporating
CLEAN-setral-EDK (Spray) 050595 Cavity cleaner and cold paint stripper
CLEAN-setral-FD (Spray) 050554 H1 high performance cleaner and degreaser
CLEAN-setral-SR (Spray) 050531 General purpose foam cleaner for glass, plastics, machine parts, carpets, upholstery.
CLEAN-setral-SU (Spray) 050555 General purpose cleaner and degreaser for metal surfaces
bonded coatings Item Code Item Description
DIO-setral-57 N (Spray) 050509 Air-drying MoS₂ based dry lubricant
setral-AS/N (Spray) 050550 High performance ceramic coating for welding processes
corrosion protection Item Code Item Description
PRO-setral-11 X (Spray) 050518 Wax-like anticorrosive agent for long-term corrosion protection and for transports overseas
PRO-setral-ACS (Spray) 050548 Wax-like corrosion protection for metal surfaces
PRO-setral-FD (Spray) 050560 Grease-like H1 anticorrosive agent for temporary protection
PRO-setral-KS (Spray) 050519 Low-viscous special fluid for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces
Spezialöle: PRO-setral-KS ECO 073001 Eco-friendly, biodegradable anticorrosive agent and fine oil
PRO-setral-KS ECO (Spray) 050526 Eco-friendly, biodegradable anticorrosive agent and fine oil
PRO-setral-PL 941 (Spray) 050575 Grease-like anti-corrosion for temporary protection
oils Item Code Item Description
CUT-setral-SSZ 221 (Spray) 050525 Fully synthetic metal working fluid for demanding operations and for universal machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals
FLUID-setral-FKR (Spray) 050536 H1 multi-purpose oil for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry
FLUID-setral-INT (Spray) 050541 H1-High-temperature separating agent and lubricant with longterm effect
Hochtemperaturöle: FLUID-setral-INT/25 079025 High-temperature oil for chains and ropes
FLUID-setral-SHT 260 MT (Spray) 050543 Full synthetic high-temperature oil for chains and ropes
FLUID-setral-SHT 4500 MT (Spray) 050542 Fully synthetic adhesive lubricating oil with EP-properties for high-temperatures.
FLUID-setral-STG 220 FD (Spray) 050544 Fully synthetic H1 high-temperature chain oil of the latest generation
GLIS-setral-FD (Spray) 050552 H1-Lubricating and fine oil for the food and pharmaceutical industry
GLIS-setral-SQ (Spray) 050521 Fast acting synthetic penetrating oil.
SI-setral-5 X (Spray) 050514 Synthetic, transparent H1-lubricating and separating agent based on silicone oil
setral MULTI SILI (Spray) 050512 Fast-drying H1-lubricant fluid on silicone base
setral PLASTOLUB GK (Spray) 050511 Semi-synthetic lubricating oil for chains and ropes
setral TS (Spray) 050537 Silicone-free mould release agent for injection moulding
pastes and greases Item Code Item Description
MI-setral-7 NR (Spray) 050504 MoS₂ assembly paste with a low coefficient of friction.
MI-setral-9 M (Spray) 050502 Aluminium based general purpose lubricating and assembly paste for normal and high temperatures.
SYN-setral-54 NF (Spray) 050506 Synthetic MoS₂-grease.
SYN-setral-CA/C2-400 FD (Spray) 050590 H1 high-temperature grease with very high wear and corrosion protection

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