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May 27, 2020

Setral® PFPE lubricants for extreme demands

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Setral® PFPE lubricants for extreme demands 
PFPE stands for perfluorpolyether and its chemical composition creates an uttermost inert material with excellent lubricating effect. PFPE base oils are the basis of modern formulations of lubricants for extreme demands like e.g. low or very high temperatures and in contact with aggressive media like e.g. acids and cleaning agents. Furthermore they are used for sensitive materials and friction pairings liable to wear especially if a long term or life time lubrication is required. This is exactly what Setral® PFPE lubricants have been developed for more than decades ago. 

Friction points for which PFPE lubricants are the only and most economical lubrication solution exist in almost every industry. Our continuously growing customer base makes us to one of the leading manufacturer of PFPE greases. Typical applications are e.g. friction pairings of metal and/or plastic, slide and roller bearings, guide bars, valves, sealings, fittings and electrical contacts.


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