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Jan. 28, 2021


The innovative solution for rolling bearing lubrication between +150 °C and +200 °C


Due to the ever-increasing development of new production processes, materials and service lives, industrial applications are constantly creating new requirements for lubricants. It is not uncommon for these applications to challange the lubricant with extreme conditions in terms of temperature, environment (dusty, aggressive chemicals, etc.) and physical stress. The innovative PFPE lubricant generation of the SYN-setral-SINT series is formulated for extreme demands. Conventional PFPE products remain unbeaten at very high temperatures. However, especially in the temperature range from +150 to +200°C, users often do not see sufficient justification for the use of conventional PFPE products with a much higher price compared to other lubricants. This temperature gap is filled by the new generation of greases by setral®.


The new SYN-setral-SINT range is available in different variants. We will be happy to advise you to find the right product variant for your use case.


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