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June 29, 2020

Long-term lubrication of problematic tool elements.

Setral has the right solution for your special requirements.

Lubrication of tool elements like ejector pins, sliders, folding units, latch locking units etc. is problematic when plastic parts (visible parts) are contaminated with grease. High waste and expensive subsequent cleaning become inevitable - especially during successional packing (painting, sputtering, bonding). Extremely high consequential costs are programmed.

Complex geometries, new material combinations, high temperature resistant plastics (like PEEK) lead necessarily to higher process temperatures and thus to higher demands on the lubricant. Often aggressive gases from the plastics “wash” the lubricated elements and destroy the lubricating film of conventional non-resistant lubricants. Another increasing requirement is that a high number of rounds should be reached without re-lubrication of the sliding surfaces.

Under the described complex production conditions most of the currently used lubricants are overstrained. 

Setral has the right solution for your special requirements.

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