Nov. 2, 2020

High performance lubricants for the textile industry

Keeping the threads together with our customers.

The textile industry is one of the oldest industries in the world and is still a significant part of many economies. Thousands of companies manufacture a wide range of textile products from a variety of fibers – from woven and nonwovens to household textiles. Products from the textile industry are also indispensable in the transport sector. In cars, trains, airplanes or ships textiles of all kinds have to meet the highest requirements of comfort and safety. As different as the products of the textile industry may appear, one aspect unites all textile manufacturing industries: the demand for special lubrication. Due to complex machine processes, extremely high running speeds, high temperatures and other environmental influences, is it essential to use specialized lubricants to reduce wear and friction to a minimum. setral® has taken on the challenge and for many years now offers specifically developed products for the lubrication of waving and knitting machines as well as steamers, stenter frames and many other machines in the textile industry. 


Keeping the threads together with our customers. 

The lubricants of setral® are always perfectly adapted to the respective application. From high-temperature chain oils to fully synthetic high-performance gear oils and media-resistant special greases for maximum wear and corrosion protection setral® offers high-quality solutions for reliable lubrication. In close dialogue with costumers setral® continuously improves existing products to meet requirements of the latest generation of equipment and machinery.


We would be pleased to advise you in a conversation about our product portfolio and the economical and technical potential from the application of setral® lubricants in your company.



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