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Oct. 20, 2020

Highest performance in the steel industry

setral® Extreme-Pressure-Lubricant Additive

The steel industry generally places high demands on lubricants in order to produce efficiently. In addition to heavy loads and high pressures, heat and the influence of dust, water and aggressive media are a challenge for the lubricant. In order to produce without trouble in such environments, high-performance lubricants are essential. setral® offers these high-performance lubricants for a wide range of applications.


setral® Extreme-Pressure-Lubricant additives prolong the life time and relubrication intervals for highly loaded gearboxes and roller bearings. The EPL-system is characterized by a very high corrosion protection, the reduction of operating temperatures and the revision of micro pitting especially in gearboxes.


Longer running times and optimized energy efficiency as well as a repair effect of already started micro pitting let the setral® EPL-System perform convincingly in gear oils and greases. We also offer the pure additive package as a product to optimize existing transmission oil fillings. 


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