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Oct. 7, 2020

Lubricants and maintenance products for the wood industry

setral® - Competence in Lubricants

Lubricants in the wood industry are always exposed to high temperatures and other influences such as moisture from water, steam or other aggressive media. In order to ensure trouble-free operation, highly developed lubricants are required that protect against friction, wear and corrosion. setral® offers a wide range of lubricants and maintenance products for the wood industry, especially for continuous press systems for the production of OSB and MDF boards as well as for pellet presses for the production of pellets. The MI-setral-PU 460, for example, is a high temperature grease for long-term lubrication at high operating temperatures and loads (e.g. vibrations). It is especially suitable for highly loaded roller and sliding bearings in applications up to max. +180 °C. MI-setral-PU 460 is approved by leading manufacturers for the lubrication of roller bearings in wood pellet presses and is successfully used by pellet manufacturers.


setral® products can increase the service life of presses. They protect them against wear and reduce repair and maintenance work.


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