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Dec. 4, 2020

setral® Cleaner

For demand-oriented clean results

setral® offers in their portfolio special lubricants such as pasts, greases and oils as well as corrosion inhibitors, metalworking fluids and also cleaners. Cleaners are evaporating fluids. There are commonly used prior to lubricant application to guarantee a clean surface or to remove used lubricants. Proceeding this way ensures that the high performance lubricant is able to develop its full capacity.


setral® offers fast or slowly evaporating cleaners with outstanding cleaning effects for residue-free surfaces. The right choice of the cleaner depends on what needs to bel cleaned form which surface. The cleaning or degreasing of machines can be for example an economic factor. Cost-intensive downtimes can be reduced. This requires products with highly concentrated ingredients, which provide a demand-oriented clean result. We have various container variants in our assortment such as spray, canister or barrel.


Do you have questions about these or other products or would you like to have a web conference with one of our specialists or a visit, then please contact: info@setral.net


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